The Travelers Hotel and the First International Bank of Noonan in 1910

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Roof

We laid down the shorter 27' sheets of tin on the narrower east side first.
The chimney on the south side for the coal furnace was removed as it was
 falling in and the tin was laid over the hole.
   In late July of 2009 a new white tin roof was put on the Travelers Hotel. The reason the Hotel was in such terrible shape when we bought it is because the roof had leaked for many, many years - so a new roof was the first thing on our list of priorities. We ordered the tin from Jorgenson's Lumber in Power's Lake and they delivered it. Doug Johnson of Portal Service came with his crane to help us lift the huge heavy stack of tin up onto the roof. There were fourteen 3' x 35' long sheets and eleven 3' x 27' sheets.

 In preparation for the new roof, we patched some of the worst holes with tar. The last 3' of roofing on the east side of the hotel was deteriorated so badly that Dave cut it off and replaced it with new plywood. He also put a new double row of 2 x 10s underneath the roof on the east side to hold it up.

This is Dave working on the brick around the chimney in preparation of
laying the tin. The chimney on the other side of the roof was removed.
  Dave put down 1" x 4" fir strips at 2' intervals across the whole roof and the tin was then screwed to the strips. It didn't take long to get the whole roof done, three or four days at the most. Dave and I did most of it ourselves, with some help from Jim Hill, Taylor Verlinde, Mitch James and Roland Zimmerman. The weather cooperated and it didn't rain on us, which is a miracle considering how much it rained that summer. We finished it just before another summer rain.

Nice view of  Noonan's Main Street looking north. The chimney on this photo actually belongs to the bank (post office) building on the north. We later leveled it even with the rest of the brick around the edge.

Northwest corner. Notice the clouds forming just as we finished. That is the elevator on the west side of the Main Street in the background. The bricks around the the edge of the building (parapet) and the flashing still need to be fixed at this point.

Dave, almost finished... that's alot of screws!!!!